My Story


About me

 My story has been hard to tell, because it wasn't pretty. Some parts of your life are embarrassing and you rather gloss over them than be transparent... but my God will get the glory for what has happened in my life. I am a single mother of two wonderful girls. I came into the world of fitness and nutrition because I was desperate to save my life and live for them. I want to empower women to know that if I can do it, they can too! 


When I decided to change my life

  I was in a emotional, mental and physically abusive marriage. Due to that shame, I became a recluse. I ate through my shame and pain. At that  point that I gathered courage to step on a scale, my weight had skyrocketed to 282 pounds. After an experience that I was unsure  I would live through, I ended the marriage. I was having many complications with getting out of breath quickly. I also had pain in my knees and joints. That is when I  found out that I was pre-diabetic. I saw what diabetes was doing to my Father and I decided that I wouldn't live like that anymore. 


What I did

 October 10, 2011  I just started walking. I said no matter how far I go that I would commit myself to 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week. What I found out is that I couldn't even walk a mile in 30 minutes. I kept on and I pushed myself. I began to walk further and for longer distances. I didn't have a gym membership but I had a Wii. So me and my daughters would play the Michael Jackson Experience and Just Dance for hours. I started watching what I ate as well. Over the next couple of months the weight started to come off.  I then became addicted to the results. I started kickboxing lessons and I fell in love with Zumba! By October of the next year I was down by 90 pounds! Completely done by working out and eating clean.